Klaus Backes GmbH

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Quality and Service
Precise down to the smallest detail

Do you expect more than the usual standard from your service provider? Challenge us - the more demanding your assignment is, the better. The reason is that, next to volume production with absolute precision according to your specifications, first-class qualitiy, and adherence to schedules, we offer you the added value that makes the difference.

CNC turning, CNC milling and CNC grinding are our specialties, which are bundled as our core competencies in the field of complete CNC machining. We manufacture our precision parts to the highest quality level.

CNC Machining
Stamping & Forming
Production of stamped and bent parts with individual tools from our own production.
We manufacture from individual parts to large series with the highest precision.
Fixture Construction
Module Assembly
A tailor-made complete solution simplifies your internal logistics.
Years of competence through our own needs.
We support you in the construction and development of components.

Any questions? Do not hesitate to call us: +49 6372 8068 0
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